Pallini Limoncello is crafted using only the finest Sfusato lemons, organically grown on the hillsides of the Amalfi Coast. Sfusato lemons are renowned in Italy, not only for their size, but for their remarkable perfume and sweetness. They are picked by hand, peeled and the zest is transported to Rome where it is infused at the Pallini distillery for days to create the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Pallini created a true Italian masterpiece with its Limoncello, but has continued the tradition of fine quality liqueurs with the introduction of two other unique flavors, Pallini Raspicello and Pallini Peachcello. With summer quickly approaching, what better way to enjoy summer gatherings with friends and family than by serving delicious Pallini Limoncello, Raspicello and Peachcello liqueurs?

Our “Summer Anytime with Pallini” promotion will be supported both on- and off-premise. Consumers will fall in love with the colorful displays, which are designed to generate increased sales. Remember, when you think summer, think Pallini!

Sage and Pallini refresh the campaign creative every summer in an effort to sell in product.


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