Jefferson's Bourbon Campaign

We created the “Small Batch Match Game” for Jefferson’s Bourbon.  Since the Bourbon is named after Thomas Jefferson, we decided to create a program around the $2 bill, featuring Jefferson’s likeness. The concept was that since the $2 bill is rare (but not impossible to find), once you have it, you want to keep it.

The daily instant sweepstakes game allowed consumers to win $2 bills in various amounts (e.g., $10, $20 or $50) every day. Consumers would answer Jefferson trivia questions, and if their answers matched two puzzle pieces, they would win.  In addition to the $2 bills, other Jefferson’s Bourbon premium items were also given as prizes.  Entry was limited to once daily, unless you went to Facebook and “liked or shared” the Jefferson’s page for a second chance to enter.

Sweepstakes entry was made possible via a dedicated microsite that could be accessed through any desktop, tablet or mobile device.  Social media played a very large part in spreading the news.

We purchased $2 bills, and the serial numbers were used to determine a sweepstakes winner.  As a synergistic program, additional marketing components were used to round out the campaign such as: on-premise, off-premise and public relations.

This program has been successfully running for three years.